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ALLER AQUA has a wide range of trout feed for freshwater farms to all needs of farmers worldwide. 

With our various feed types we can offer solutions for the optimal growth, lowest FCR and minimal environmental impact under different conditions. 

  • A complete feed that meets the full demand of fish on nutrients (eg energy, protein, minerals and vitamins). Adequate levels of digestible amino acids meeting optimal growth requirements of Trout. Adequate levels of minerals / vitamins supporting vitality, reproduction and growth

  • The size and composition selected for each stage of the fish

  • Feeding with Aller Feed can give you FCR down to 0,85 depending of the choice of feed. Low feed conversion rate = low impact on the aquatic environment

  • Feeding with Aller Feed gives a strong and healthy fish

  • Fast growing fish providing good economy in the fish farm



ALLER PLATINUM is a high energy grower feed for freshwater trout and sea trout. Careful selection of raw materials together with our long experience in trout feed production ensures a product that meets the highest nutritional demands. The fine taste of ALLER PLATINUM will promote optimum feed intake. And the feed’s outstanding nutrient digestibility will allow excellent feed conversion and limit environmental impacts to a minimum. Applied on well managed trout farms, ALLER PLATINUM will unfold its full potential ensuring a superior feeding economy and a positive payback on the investment in ALLER PLATINUM.

Click here to download the ALLER PLATINUM datasheet


ALLER GOLD is a high energy feed for freshwater trout. Excellent fish growth performance can be expected when ALLER GOLD is applied according to recommendations. The feed’s high nutrient digestibility will lead to remarkable feed conversion and limit environmental impacts considerably. Levels of protein and energy in different pellet sizes of ALLER GOLD follow the nutritional needs of growing trout. By this, the exact balance between nutrients is provided at the right time, thereby supporting good economic results of trout farming.
Click here to download the ALLER GOLD datasheet


With its moderate energy level, ALLER SILVER is a feed for different fish species farmed under diverse conditions. The high versatility of ALLER SILVER is achieved through its solid balance between protein and energy content. The fine blend of included raw materials and its favourable palatability will provide low feed conversion ratios when ALLER SILVER is used under good farming conditions. But even in challenging environments, ALLER SILVER can deliver notable results and thereby achieve good feeding economy.

Click here to download the ALLER SILVER datasheet


ALLER BRONZE is a feed with a moderate energy level. Good quality of feed protein is ensured by using easily digestible raw materials. Used in environments with adequate oxygen supply, ALLER BRONZE can achieve remarkable feed conversion ratios and allow considerably fast growth in fish. However, its reasonable content of protein and energy dedicate ALLER BRONZE as the right choice for various fish species farmed under challenging conditions.

Click here to download the ALLER BRONZE datasheet

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