High Quality fish feed for aquaculture all over the world

Aller Aqua has a wide range of fish feed for freshwater and saltwater species.

With our various feed types we can offer solutions for optimal growth, low FCR and minimal environmental impact under different conditions.

We can offer a complete feeding programme that meets the full demand of fish on nutrients (e.g. energy, protein, minerals and vitamins).

Our feeds contain adequate levels of digestible amino acids meeting optimal growth requirements of fish and adequate levels of minerals/vitamins supporting vitality, reproduction and growth.

Feeding with feeds from Aller Aqua helps give strong, healthy and fast growing fish, thus providing good economy in the fish farm.

Aller Aqua high quality fish feed for aquaculture

We are Certified

Aller Aqua has achieved these certifications:

Global G.A.P
Organic Production

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