• End of International Sturgeon Symposium 2017


    Aller Aqua sponsored the International Sturgeon Symposium 2017 which took place in Vienna, Austria. Our Research Manager Dr. Florian Nagel was the chairman of the nutrition session.

  • South African Trout sector meeting at World Aquaculture


    The local sector is dedicated and takes an interest in the latest technology and research within aquaculture.

  • The Catfish Session at World Aquaculture is sponsored by Aller Aqua


    Keynote presentation conducted by Dr Hanno Slawski; Formulating Catfish Feeds for the African Continent

  • Aller Aqua sponsors the "Building Aquaculture Value Chains in Africa" session at World Aquaculture


    Keynote presentation conducted by Niels Lundgaard (Commercial Director, Africa) and Leon Günter (CEO, Aller Aqua Zambia Limited).

  • The Tilapia Session at World Aquaculture is sponsored by Aller Aqua


    Keynote presentation conducted by Dr Hanno Slawski; formulating tilapia feeds for the african continent

  • Aller Aqua matches rapid expansion in Africa with Gold sponsorship at WA2017


    As a company focused on its customers, and one that is expanding in Africa, it was natural for Aller Aqua to support World Aquaculture the first time it takes place in Africa.

  • New Aller Aqua website in Chinese


    The new website provides access to the latest news about the activities in Aller Aqua Qingdao and news that are relevant to the Chinese customers.

  • Getting ready for test production


    Our factory in Qingdao is soon ready to start test production. In the middle of July, we will take a big step towards bringing the most advanced and highest quality fish feed closer to the fish farmers.

  • Aller Aqua Polska received the award Orły Wprost 2017


    We are proud to inform you that Aller Aqua Polska has just received the Orły Wprost Award for being a dynamic company that shows continuous development and growth.

  • Aller Aqua Group opens 3rd production line in Egypt


    Just 2 years after the inauguration of a completely new fish feed factory in Egypt, Aller Aqua officially inaugurates an additional production line in Egypt.