Sales Director for Africa

Aller Aqua produces fish feed for aquaculture. So, that’s it in short, but it’s far from the whole story. Aller Aqua is family-owned and has roots dating back more than 1,000 years. Aller Aqua has been producing fish feed for breeders for more than 50 years. Aller Aqua is one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers and supplies some of the most powerful products on the market.

Aller Aqua currently has factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Zambia, China, and Serbia, and exports to more than 60 countries globally. This is done through a broad and professional range of products and feed for 30 fish species. Customers who choose Aller Aqua prioritise top-quality products at competitive prices, delivered on time.

Aller Aqua has been represented in Africa with great success since 2011, initially with a factory in Egypt, and then in Zambia in 2017. Especially in Africa, it is precisely what Aller Aqua is working for, namely, to ensure efficient and high-quality breeding of fish and to ensure better and more efficiently produced foods.

Aller Aqua, who has won numerous national and international business awards in recent years, is also at the forefront when it comes to actively contributing to the UN’s crucial 17 Global Goals.

In a newly created position reporting to the Group VP, we are looking for a commercial Sales Director, familiar with Africa, who will continue and accelerate the positive trend.



The Sales Director’s primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Ensure the development of sales in specified markets in Africa.
  • Be responsible for sellers, agents, distributors, and subsidiaries.
  • Drive and follow up on budgets and action plans, and ensure the development of profit creation in the market in each country.
  • Coordinate product ranges, professional groups, etc.
  • Be responsible for marketing for Africa, in collaboration with the Group VP.
  • Deliver well structured reports on the African markets, and provide status and action points at country level.
  • Take responsibility for overall sales management and activity via CRM and business plans.
  • Develop the sales force through your own and others’ initiatives.
  • Optimise customer agreements.
  • Participate in and take responsibility for projects.

The ideal candidate

Has a robust commercial background and excellent business acumen built into their DNA. We are looking for a Sales Director who can both help the Group VP to develop strategy and action plans and operate in the market as a skilled sales resource who leads the team and the countries by example.

It is essential to have an in-depth knowledge and experience of sales in Africa and consequently an understanding of the cultural and commercial mechanisms allowing focus to be put directly on the future development of the markets from day one.

The right candidate can be either experienced or showing potential. He or she exhibits high levels of energy and activity, all the while being able to prioritise efforts, work with structure, and remain in control of launched activities.

As a person, the ideal candidate is diligent, humble, and honest. She or he fills his/her “space” naturally, and motivates his or her surroundings. At the same time, the ideal candidate is a hard-line negotiator with a knowledge of the facts and who is always well-prepared.

If you match the above and live within reasonable driving distance of the company’s headquarters in Aller, and you have a life where 60-80 travel days are a plus, then please apply for this position, which will allow you to develop and flourish in a world-class company.


Please send your application to Core Competence using the following link: https://www.corecompetence.dk/stillinger/ambitious-sales-director-for-africa/