Aller Active is Aller Aqua’s targeted feed for Norwegian salmon or trout and is a thoroughly tested fish feed which helps strengthen and protect the fish, ultimately improving performance on the fish farm. The feed is based on a strong recipe with an added mineral additive which help the fish grow stronger and develop a thick mucus layer, seemingly making it difficult for salmon lice to attach to the fish. This can result in less medication, less feed free days and faster production times compared to the industry standard, ultimately increasing earnings for fish farmers.



Aller Active helps the fish increase resistance towards sea lice and disease through increased health and a thickened mucus layer.


Healthy fish

The protection from sea lice and disease enables reduced delousing, reduction in medicinal treatment and faster production time. In fact, a production time of 12 months,
rather than 16 months, is standard for Aller Active.



Healthy fast-growing fish achieved with a minimum of feed free days increases performance in SGR, reduced production time and ultimately earnings.

Healthy, robust and fast-growing fish is achieved using nothing but Aller Active. 
This opens up for the possibility of a new strategy to strengthen the fish defense towards lice and diseases. 
Read the Nofima report to learn more about the results achieved at Vadheim in Norway.

Aller Active economic value

 Aller Active economic value | Highest quality feed for aquaculture


From the table it can be seen that whilst start and end weight, fish value and fry feed are the same when using Aller Active compared with the industry standard, the difference is in the performance based on time and earnings. The fish all start at 100g and the end weight is 4670g regardless but using Aller Active it is achieved four months faster. And whilst the cost of feed is more expensive with Aller Active, the yearly margin is 863.000 NOK better.

Aller Active helps reduce production time and increase earnings by making the fish more resistant towards sea lice and disease, and thus reducing delousing and medical treatment.

Aller Active is developed specially for Norwegian Trout and Salmon



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