the active components in vitamax can positively impact the immune system of the fish


Active ingredients in VITAMAX feeds enhance the natural immune system and prepare the fish to cope with stressful situations such as grading, transport, decreased water quality, vaccination, temperature changes and disease pressure. VITAMAX feeds are enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, nucleotides, glucans and short chain monoglycerides (SCM). The amount of each component is adjusted to achieve the maximum effect without overdosing. The active components in VITAMAX can positively impact the immune system of the fish. This can in turn enable the fish to better cope with the various stressful situations they are subjected to during their growth. The function of the active components and their mix and concentration can support all of the immune system, both innate and adaptive immunity, of the fish in an optimal way.


  • Antioxidant functions, which contribute to improved function and protection of immune cells.


  • Mainly stored in the cell membrane. Here it acts as an antioxidant and protects the unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane from free radicals. This protection prevents cell damage.


  • Building material for DNA, mediating energy metabolism and cell signalling. 
  • Trials indicate that dietary supplementation enhances resistance to infections and improves efficiency of vaccination.


  • Long chain polysaccharides from yeast cell wall – help activate the immune system to defend against invading pathogens.


  • These are special kinds of fat with particular functionality. SCM can deactivate bacterial cells, by bypassing the cell wall and membrane. The SCM are hidden in glycerol used as an energy source for the bacteria. Inside the bacterial cell, SCM cause a shift in the pH of the cell, leading to degradation of both the cell membrane and DNA. Thus the cell is deactivated. 


It is recommended to use VITAMAX feeds two weeks prior to predicted stressful periods, in order to strengthen the immune system of the fish. It is further recommended to continue to feed VITAMAX during and after the stressful periods for maximum effect.


Aller Vitamax prevents oxidative stress in fish