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20. 05. 2015

New steel cubes greet visitors to Aller Aqua Research and the mariCUBE.

The steel cubes are placed both outside in front of the buildings, greeting guests and passers-by, as well as by the reception desks inside the building. The upgrade has taken place to efficiently raise the public perception and interest in the blue technology expertise contained in the research center.

This is something which has been on Aller Aqua Research’s wish list for some time, and Research Manager, Dr. Florian Nagel is pleased with the result; “I approached the management of the mariCUBE regarding an upgrade of the advertising facilities. We have many visitors who come to see us regarding the research we do here, and I want them to feel welcome and immediately see that they are in the right place. Furthermore I believe that the cubes display the professionalism of the companies residing in the research and technology center.”

Aller Aqua Reserach at the mariCUBE Aller Aqua Reserach at the mariCUBE Aller Aqua Reserach at the mariCUBE

Pictures © Aller Aqua Research