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11. 06. 2015

Succesful cooperation with Safco Fish

The carp fry were introduced into their new habitat early Thursday morning (6/4-2015), and are all said to be doing well. Safco Fish has bought the fish through Aller Aqua Polska in an attempt to better the genetic material of their carp and thus optimize production. It is a big project they have undertaken, and Aller Aqua is proud and excited to be part of it.

 So far, the project is highly successful, and the fry were strong and healthy upon arrival and introduction. Safco Fish started feeding with Aller Aqua feeds from our Polish factory this season, and this has been the beginning of a great cooperation.

 Johann H Kritzinger, production manager for Safco Fish is excited about the results so far, and has kindly sent an e-mail to Jacek Juchniewicz and his team, thanking them for their efforts and help, and for going above and beyond their call of duty. He also mentions the fruitful cooperation on the company blog. Johann explains:”I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the help and service given to Safco Georgia by Aller Aqua Poland, not only in providing world class feed, but also for their help with our recent order of hatch from Poland. Without their help this introduction of new genetic material would not have been possible. Looking forward to great results and a long and prosperous relationship. "

Jacek Juchniewicz states that this project is also close to his heart as it includes the beginning of a new chapter of production with improvement of genetic material, and the future for Safco Fish. The cooperation with Safco Fish is very exciting as they have knowledge, visions for the future and the ability to carry them out.

 For more information about Safco Fish and their efforts, please visit the company blog: www.safco-fish.ge.

Safco Fish release the fry into the lake

Picture © Safco Fish

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