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10. 06. 2016

Aller Aqua Research expands capacity

Aller Aqua Research has inaugurated the new largescale RAS saltwater tanks.

There is now 300 kg of Rainbow trout in the 6 new recirculating saltwater tanks. The Rainbow trout are part of an ongoing benchmarking trial.

The 6 RAS tanks each have a volume of approximately 3 m3, and are specifically designed for saltwater trials with Sea bass, Sea bream and Rainbow trout. An added bonus is the possibility of doing trials with large fish.

“The new setup is state of the art. The new tanks enable us to carry out larger scale feeding trails with big fish, and to gather both experience and scientific knowledge under farming conditions. This gives us some interesting options in terms of volume and scale, which adds scope to our trials. We are very excited. Our trial results often have a direct impact on our feeds, which benefits our customers” explains Dr. Florian Nagel, Research Manager at Aller Aqua Research.

Aller Aqua Research recirculated saltwater tanks

Aller Aqua Research recirculated saltwater tanks illustration