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05. 12. 2018

Qingdao District Governmental visit at Aller Aqua Polska & Aller Aqua A/S

Aller Aqua Polska and Aller Aqua A/S welcomed Chengyang District People's Government’s when they visited on respectively November 20th and November 23rd.


Aller Aqua Polska & Qingdao District Governmental Delegation.

The delegation from Qingdao first visited Aller Aqua Polska. CEO Jacek Juchniewicz and Tomasz Piasecki, Manager of Golub-Dobrzyń, welcomed and guided the delegation around the premises. Jacek Juchniewicz said "It is a pleasure to meet this Chinese delegation and exchange views on aquaculture from our respective countries. I believe Aller Aqua Qingdao is going to experience a positive development in the sector with such clear support from the administration." 

Plant tour.

The second stop was at Aller Aqua’s headquarters, where Hans Erik Bylling, CEO and owner of Aller Aqua, and Dr Hanno Slawski, Group Research & Development Director were, pleased to receive the Delegation. Mr. Bylling thanked the officers for the positive cooperation between them and Aller Aqua Qingdao, where the best and most advanced fish feed factory in China is now fully functional and producing high quality fish feed. We look forward to continuing the cooperating with the Chengyang district.

Delegation at Aller Aqua A/S.

It was an honour to receive these visits at our Aller Aqua factories, and we are very proud of the positive relationship between our organization and the Chinese Government, Anders C. Bylling, Managing Director of Aller Aqua Qingdao, said after the visit.

Our Chinese guest were:

- Mr. Li Hongbing, Chief Executive of Chengyang District People's Government
- Mr. Sun Shuangqun, Director of Chengyang District Bureau of Commerce, Qingdao
- Wang Zhiming, Party Secretary of the Working Committee of C.P.C Liuting Subdistrict Committee, Chengyang District, Qingdao
- Wang Hongjun, Director of Xifuzhen Subdistrict Office, Chengyang District, Qingdao
- Zhu Mei, Associate Consultant and Interpreter of Chengyang District Bureau of Commerce, Qingdao.



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