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Our latest press releases:

Aller Aqua Norway has been awarded 10 mln NOK (18th December 2023)

Meet at Aller Aqua at AFRAQ 2023 in Zambia (7th August 2023)

Aller Aqua Egypt wins "H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik's Business Excellence Award." (25th August 2023)

André Bratland is the new Sales Manager in Norway (17th August 2023)

Aller Aqua at Aqua Nor 2023 (28th July 2023)

Support D - Prevention before Treatment (14th July 2023)

Premium RAS shrimp feed: VDS and Aller Aqua collaborate (24th May, 2023)

Aller Aqua introduces new brand, Ocean (2nd March 2023)

Aller Aqua is proud to sponsor WASAC 2nd Regional Conference in Kenya (22nd February 2023)

Aller Aqua shows strategic support for Africa’s aquaculture policies at the 2nd Regional Conference in Nigeria  (22nd February 2023)

Meet Aller Aqua at Aquaculture Ghana Conference (22nd February 2023)

Support L - Prevention before Treatment (30th January 2023)

Aller Aqua appoints new Sales Manager for D-A-CH (17th June 2022)

Aller Aqua acquires Danforel (7th June 2022)

Aller Aqua participates in AFRAQ2021 (14th March 2022)

Aller Aqua continues to support the African Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society (11th January 2022)

Aller Aqua and BioRefine test green protein made of grass (17th December 2021)

We can now declare CO2 equivalents on our feeds (1st December 2021)

Aller Aqua verified in CO2-labelling (26th August 2021)

Sterling White Halibut and Aller Aqua signs 6-year contract (20th August 2021)

ALLER LUCET - an enhanced sea bream diet (25th May 2021)

South American Soya and CO2 (14th January 2021)

Fry feed update (9th October 2020)

Launch of Aller Flow (3rd July 2020)

Cooperation brings improvements in fish performance and health (6th April 2020)

Outcompeting pathogenic bacteria (18th February 2020)

Aller Aqua phases out South American soya (7th February 2020)

Aller Aqua opens its 7th factory (16th December 2019)

AFRAQ2020 sponsored by Aller Aqua (26. September 2019)

Aller Aqua and TripleNine enter cooperation (28. August 2019)

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