About the authors

The field guide was based on more than forty years of experience of the authors gained during the technical management, development, and decades of operation of different types and sizes of fish farms of a wide range of commercially important freshwater fish species. 

Dr. András Woynárovich, Dr. András Péteri and Éva Kovács have worked as technical advisers and consultants for word-wide recognised organizations such as NORAD, Danida, COFAD/GIZ, UNDP and FAO. Éva Kovács, Senior Technical Expert and Dr. Miklós Mézes, university professor and a member of the Hungarian Academy of Science have worked on basic and adaptive research on fish nutrition both in Hungary and abroad. Dr. Mézes at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences has dominantly participated in the education of students in farm animal and fish nutrition.

The authors took part in different development projects in South-East Asia, the Near-Est, North-, West- and Sub Sahara Africa, as well as in South America. These projects actively and efficiently supported and improved the fish production of both subsistence and commercial fish farmers. In the region of Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia the authors elaborated a number of practical textbooks and training materials, completed hands-on trainings, implemented national and regional projects and also designed and completed surveys and professional diagnoses of the state and opportunities of inland fishery and aquaculture sector in many countries of the regions discussed in the field guide.

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