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04. 05. 2017

Aller Aqua Group opens 3rd production line in Egypt

Just 2 years after the inauguration of a completely new fish feed factory in Egypt, Aller Aqua officially inaugurates an additional production line in Egypt.


”Our subsidiary, Aller Aqua Egypt, has since its foundation experienced massive growth i sales of our environmentally friendly fish feed on the Egyptian market. Therefore we decided to construct an additional production line, which we are now ready to put into service” explains Henrik Halken, Chairman of Aller Aqua Egypt. “We established ourselves in the country in 2011 and has since worked hard at building a strong organisation and modern production facilities.” Last month the company won an award for the ”Best product for aquaculture in the Middle East” at an exhibition in Dubai. The company won the award for the 2nd year running. These awards increase the interest for Aller Aqua’s products in the Middle East, for example in the UAE, to where Aller Aqua just began exporting feeds. However, running a business in Egypt has its challenges. The country is experiencing major political and financial challenges. In 2016 the country’s currency was devalued by 60% overnight, and in 2011 the country went through a revolution in connection with the “Arab Spring”.

These challenges have however not deterred us from expanding our activities on the African continent, and this year we will invest 10 mill. USD in building a new factory in Zambia, which is due to open this autumn.

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food sector – and particularly Africa with its fast-growing population will need healthy food in the coming years.

© Aller Aqua Group. From left: Hussien Mansour (CEO, Aller Aqua Egypt), Adel Mansour (board member, Aller Aqua Egypt), Henrik Halken (Chairman, Aller Aqua Egypt and Group Vice President, Aller Aqua Group), and Carsten Jørgensen (Chairman, Aller Aqua Egypt and Group Vice President, Aller Aqua Group)