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01. 12. 2017

Aller Aqua wins Entrepreneur of the Year in Denmark as well as Globalization Award

An independent jury awarded Aller Aqua the two prices during a large party and award ceremony held Thursday evening at forum in Copenhagen in front of 800 business leaders from all of Denmark. The award is given out by Ernst & Young as part of the world’s largest competition for growth companies.


The jury placed emphasis on three key areas for awarding Aller Aqua the national Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOTY) price. Firstly, the company’s long history as a family owned business and the fact that the 4th generation is in place was deemed important. Secondly, Aller Aqua’s recent and fast expansion and many locations around the globe played a major part. Finally, the fact that Aller Aqua’s business supports many of UN’s 17 sustainable development goals and the fact that fish farming is a sustainable way of producing protein-rich food to the growing world population was deemed important.

Read the full press release here