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27. 06. 2017

The Tilapia Session at World Aquaculture is sponsored by Aller Aqua

Keynote presentation conducted by Dr Hanno Slawski; formulating tilapia feeds for the african continent


Aller Aqua invited interested parties to partake in the Tilapia Aquafeed Session at World Aquaculture 2017. The session took place earlier today with Dr Hanno Slawski, Group R&D Director for Aller Aqua as keynote speaker.

During his presentation Dr Slawski explained the importance of both physical and nutritional quality of the feed, and the impact on tilapia. He elaborated on the topic of achieving good farming economy on tilapia farms.

Tilapia is the most commonly produced fish on the African continent, and its popularity is partially due to its robustness. The increase in Tilapia production matches both the growth in population, as well as schemes implemented by governments in order to boost aquaculture in specific countries.

 “We are delivering a very high quality of feed for tilapia farmers. This ensures that the fish are ready for selling faster than usual. Not everyone would have considered this quality level for tilapia, but farmers are changing to higher quality feeds in order to achieve maximum output from their farms,”  explains Dr Slawski.

The tilapia session experienced good participation on the first day of World Aquaculture 2017.

Dr Hanno Slawski presenting at the Tilapia session at World Aquaculture 2017