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24. 04. 2018

Aller Aqua Zambia new website launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Aller Aqua Zambia website. This new website provides easy access to detailed information in English about the new factory in Zambia, our product ranges and commitments to the local community.


“With this new website, customers and other partners in the industry will experience a new way to grow together”, CEO of Aller Aqua Zambia, Lewis Ngwenya, states in connection with the new website launch. “We want to grow with our customers and help them increase the output of their farm, and we are proud to be able to invite farmers to try and experience our feed ranges. This new website provides easy access to information about our feed ranges specifically formulated for tilapia and catfish farmed in the region. At the same time, with this new website, we provide information on our initiatives to support the farmers and how we invest in the local community; how we grow together”.

The new website for Zambia includes information about Aller Aqua and our efforts within R&D, quality and our commitment to the local community. News and information about local events where you can meet the Aller Aqua team will be published in our News and Events sections, and there is a possibility to sign up for our international newsletter.

The new website for Zambia is available via www.aller-aqua.co.zm.

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