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25. 06. 2018

Launch of Aller Til-Pro Supplement

Aller Aqua is pleased to announce the launch of ALLER TIL-PRO SUPPLEMENT, its latest product for smallholder fish farmers.


ALLER-TIL PRO SUPPLEMENT is a professional extruded fish feed. It is designed for semi-intensive fish farms that use fertilized green water as their primary source of fish nutrition. ALLER TIL-PRO SUPPLEMENT includes the nutrients required to facilitate increased fish growth at the end of the cycle, in order to maximize the profit. We recommend using ALLER TIL-PRO SUPPLEMENT once fish growth slows, which is typically at 100-150 grams. 

ALLER TIL-PRO SUPPLEMENT is produced at our Zambian factory. The product is currently available in the Zambian market and will be made available to additional markets in the coming months. Production at Aller Aqua’s Zambian factory ensures that ALLER TIL-PRO SUPPLEMENT is produced in strict adherence with Aller Aqua’s global quality control standards. The Zambian factory’s latest equipment also ensures that the finished product has minimal dust content and is dried to an accurate and low moisture level for long shelf-life. 

ALLER TIL-PRO SUPPLEMENT is available in 10 kg packaging, improving individual purchase affordability to small-scale farmers. The product was developed by Aller Aqua Research, Aller Aqua’s global R&D Centre in Germany, before field testing in Zambia to ensure that when used in conjunction with natural greenwater feeding the full nutritional requirements of tilapia are met with the highest economic feed conversion ratio. ALLER TIL- PRO SUPPLEMENT is produced in two sizes: 2 mm and 3 mm.

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