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10. 10. 2019

Dentists Without Limit Federation visit Aller Aqua Zambia again

In September Aller Aqua Zambia was once again visited by Dentists without Limits (A German NGO) to attend to the teeth of Aller Aqua Zambia staff. The visit was arranged between Aller Aqua Zambia’s Research and Quality Assurance Manager, Dr Alexander Michael Greiling, and Herman Striedl, Regional Project Manager for Dentist Without Limits Federation.

The visit was intended as a follow up on some of the issues that were detected at the previous visit, and to include people who did not attend the first check-up.

Treatments on the day included 5 tooth extractions, 5 fillings, and 8 cases of removal of dental calculus, as well as general cleaning of teeth.

A member of staff who visited the dentist explained that this would be a first-time visit to the dentist for many of his colleagues. Often people in Zambia struggle with toothaches for a long time, sometimes years, before seeing a dentist. Dentists in Zambia are undersupplied and often situated in bigger cities. Visiting the dentist becomes a matter of money, and you rarely get an explanation of why the treatment is needed and what you can do to prevent it in future.

Many were nervous about the treatment, but the two German dentists were friendly and patient and gave good explanations of the procedures. Despite the lack of adequate facilities, the two German Dentists took the day with a smile and treated as many people as possible.

Dentists Without Limit Federation