thoroughly tested products

Research & Development

At Aller Aqua we do our best to offer fish farmers affordable feeds which allow for fast growth of the fish via efficient feed conversion. We believe that enabling fish farmers to have a healthy business is the core of a prosperous business relation. 

Continuous development of existing and new feed types and the evaluation of raw materials for fish nutrition is the responsibility of our Research & Development Department. By a dedicated team, feeds for different species and raw materials are tested under laboratory and field conditions.

The testing of feed and raw materials is performed at our own trial station in Germany, Aller Aqua Research.

Deciding factors

At Aller Aqua, we go to great lengths to ensure that every bag of feed which leaves our gate meets our stringent global quality standards. Using a well-equipped in-house laboratory our quality assurance protocols are in place to ensure tests of every batch for pellet durability, moisture variability, water activity, proximate (nutritional) analysis, dust content, pellet size and floatability. For the protection of fish farmers, we apply additional rigorous standards to analyse common risk vectors of our incoming raw materials such as rancidity, aflatoxin levels and soybean urease. 

From egg to dinner table

Farming tilapia and catfish requires quality feed. From hatchery to broodstock, it is crucial that the fish nutritional requirements are met. Aller Aqua specialises in creating specie specific feeds, so fish farmers can maximise the output from their farms. Our research station test all feeds before they are commercially released. This provides us with in-depth knowledge of the factors which contribute to the growth of your fish through the entire life-cycle, from the eggs hatch to the finished fish.