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Project: Aquaphage

Project: Aquaphage

To develop sustainable strategies to prevent and control bacterial pathogens in rainbow trout aquaculture.

Innovation Fund Denmark

Production of phage-enriched feed targeting specific disease prophylaxis.

Addressing the disease issue is critical to ensuring the success of the aquaculture industry. This is particularly important for young fish, such as larvae, fry, and fingerlings, which are more susceptible to opportunistic pathogens. Therefore, diseases represent a significant bottleneck in the production chain and a concern for the sector's green transition. The aquaculture industry suffers global losses of approximately $6 billion USD annually due to diseases.

Bacteriophages have been shown to be effective in preventing diseases and controlling pathogens in various fish in aquaculture. This could support a more sustainable and profitable production process.

Danish: Denmark Technical University (DTU), University of Copenhagen, Danish Technological Institute, Fixed-Phage Ltd, KSK Aqua, DanAqua
United Kingdom: Carus Animal Health.