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To develop circular and sustainable value chains and bring new and innovative algae-based products to regional and global markets while protecting and restoring Europe’s aquatic ecosystems

The European Union - HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-06.

Aller Aqua will develop functional feeds containing algae-derived additives to combat salmon louse infection. These feeds will be tested in sea cages in Norway to determine their effectiveness against sea lice during salmon production.

Salmon lice infestation is a major issue in the salmon industry, especially in sea cages. To combat this problem, various delousing practices are commonly used and, in some cases, required by law. However, such practices can have a negative impact on the welfare of the farmed fish and the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to discover alternative nature-based solutions that can effectively reduce salmon lice or enhance the fish's immune system to fight against infection. Developing such solutions will definitely bring positive changes and benefits to the salmon farming industry.

Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

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