High Quality Feed For Aquaculture

We have produced feed for aquaculture for 60 years.

About Aller Aqua

Aller Aqua has been producing feed for aquaculture for 60 years. With a long-standing industry presence, we provide partners with solutions rooted in continuous improvement and a dedication to excellence.

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Feed for over 30 species

With our various feed types we can offer solutions for optimal growth, low FCR and minimal environmental impact under different conditions. We can offer a complete feeding programme that meets the full demand of fish on nutrients - and for more than 30 different species.

Our approach to aquaculture

At Aller Aqua, we work with quality assurance throughout the value chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering our feeds to our customers.


We actively work to adapt new ideas and experience into the challenges facing us and our customers.

Shared knowledge

We want to inspire our colleagues, customers and partners and enable them to succeed - we do this because we believe that if they succeed, we will too.


We play an important role in society and take that responsibility seriously. We have an active dialogue with our local communities and listen to their situation - we help where we can.

Temperature Adapted Feeds

The right feed for every season - at no extra cost!

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Whether you have a question, need assistance, or simply want to share your thoughts, we're here to listen and assist you with a genuine smile.