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18. 04. 2018

15 years of Aller Aqua in Ukraine

More than 90 customers and few members of the local Agriculture Ministry are gathered for the celebrations in Ukraine. The official program includes seminars with a series of presentations on several industry relevant topics like triploidization, veterinary regulations, RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems), and the farming of trout, sturgeon, catfish. Florian Nagel from Aller Aqua Research is among the speakers and told an attentive audience about Aller Aqua’s innovative feed concepts and how functional feeds improve the health and growth of fish.

Zbigniew Kreft, Sales Director of Aller Aqua Polska is happy about Aller Aqua’s position in Ukraine: “It is a market with high growth potential in aquaculture. In the 90s the total production was 130 tons. Today it is over 20.000 tons. The majority is carp, but the production of species like trout, sturgeon and catfish is constantly growing. We are happy to have been part of this progress over the years, and that Aller Aqua today has the leading position in feed supply in Ukraine. I am looking forward to the years to come – Let’s grow together”.


From left to right: Zbigniew Kreft, Marcin Walczak and Jacek Juchniewicz from Aller Aqua Polska, Galina Tsymbala Aller Aqua Ukraina, Krzysztof Grecki - Dąbie Hatchery, Mirosław Szczepkowski - Inland Fisheries Institute, Tomasz Kulikowski - Marine Fisheries Institute and MPR (Polish Press on fish processing), Mirosław Kuczyński - Polish Akademy of Science. In front, Dorota Juchniewicz-Pasquier from Aller Aqua Polska and Dr Florian Nagel, Aller Aqua Research.


Director of Aller Aqua Ukraina, Galina Tsymbala, presenting at the seminar on 18th April

Director of Aller Aqua Ukraina, Galina Tsymbala, presenting at the seminar on 18th April

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