quality assurance and control is integrated in all steps of fish feed production at aller aqua


Quality assurance and quality control is integrated in all steps of the fish feed manufacture at Aller Aqua. This covers the complete value chain, right from evaluation and approval of raw materials, the fish feed production process, and all the way to the final quality of the farmed fish.

We have constant focus on: 

  • HACCP and risk management
  • Having the right suppliers for the right raw materials
  • In line monitoring and quality control of all raw materials and all produced feeds
  • Traceability through all the value chain

The efficiency of our quality control system is continuously subject to external audits. Our feeds comply with national and EU legislation for feed production and are under control of the national veterinary and feed authorities. By these efforts we guarantee our clients a healthy and safe feed which helps achieve the best results.



Sustainability is an integrated part of Aller Aqua. We know that modern fish farming has the highest requirements when it comes to reducing environmental impact. We reduce environmental impact by choosing only raw materials with sustainable origin. Further, feeds are formulated for highest efficiency and nutrient digestibility resulting in low nutrient discharge to the water.

  • All raw materials are purchased from certified suppliers, where the majority follow the international quality standards (e.g. ISO, HACCP or GMP+)
  • All raw materials are non-GMO
  • Local raw materials are prioritized
  • All soy products are certified regarding to responsible farming (e.g. RTRS, ProTerra or ISCC)
  • Wild captured fish used to produce fishmeal and fish oil come from healthy fish stocks and do not originate from endangered species. Certifications ensuring sustainability are e.g. MSC/ISEAL or IFFO-RS
  • By-products (trimmings) from fish processing plants, which are acknowledged as a sustainable source of marine raw materials, are used as a regular marine raw material
  • Undesirable substances are under strict surveillance


We comply with national and european regulations for conventional fish feed manufacturing.

Aller Aqua is subject to regular inspections by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. In addition, Aller Aqua is certified and thus meets requirements according to the following standards:

Compound Feed Manufacturing Standard

Aller Aqua complies with the ASC Freshwater Trout Standard

Compliance with ASC Fresh Water Trout Standard

Aller Aqua is certified to produce organic fish feed

Organic Fish Feed


Mette Rindom Nørrelykke

Group Quality Manager

E. mrn@aller-aqua.dk
T. + 45 24 97 15 77

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