Quality assurance

In Quality Assurance we work with sustainability in the whole value chain. From the sourcing of the raw materials to the use of the feed for our customers.
We support the purchasing department in sourcing the right raw materials to ensure the nutritional quality, customer requirements, legal demands, and of course our requirements for quality raw materials to obtain the best performance from the feeds. The set of quality parameters also covers traceability and the original production of the raw materials. These factors are important when ensuring responsible consumption and production, and quality products. We control the fulfillment of all the requirements by analyzing the incoming raw materials, and by keeping in close contact with the suppliers.

In terms of avoiding unwanted substances in the feed, Quality Assurance continuously monitors these substances in the raw materials and in the feed, to ensure the feed safety, but also to ensure that raw materials are sourced from safe and sustainable environments.

We support our products in all steps of the process of making safe, uniform, dust-free feeds.  All batches are controlled against the quality specifications before leaving the production site.

Physically, fish feed pellets must be free of dust and as uniform as possible. Focusing on these parameters limits the feed waste and thus the emission of nutrients to the water environment.

Stakeholder requirements are incorporated into the internal Aller Aqua Quality Management System. The Quality Management System is under continuous improvement as stakeholder requirements are monitored and included. Mainly customer requests or claims, news, legislation, feed associations, new or additional requirements from certification bodies as well as internal audits are useful tools for adjusting and improving the way we work.

The quality management system is implemented in all our factories and besides, the factories are certified against several quality standards by third-party certifications bodies to ensure the high standard of Aller Aqua fish feed.


In quality assurance, we ensure compliance with both national and international standards and certifications. All of our factories are working by the HACCP principles to ensure feed safety. We have carefully chosen a number of the many available certifications for our feeds, which create value for both our customers and the consumers. We regularly evaluate our certifications and greener alternatives to ensure that we are always up to date in terms of sustainability, stakeholder demands and costs. Often new raw material ingredients are chosen due to better sustainability.



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