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Aller Aqua gets verified by Bureau Veritas

A few weeks ago, Aller Aqua unlocked a great milestone, by being the first aquafeed company worldwide to label the carbon footprint of the entire product portfolio thus creating full transparency for the customers. This process was followed thoroughly by Bureau Veritas, which rewarded our work with a verification.

The video was created in cooperation with Bureau Veritas, where Henrik T. Halken (Group Vice President, CPO/CCO, Aller Aqua) and Mikael Ridstrøm (Purchaser), speak about the importance of CO2-labelling, and the benefits it brings to a company, industry, and its customers. A verification process was built by Bureau Veritas, tailored to Aller Aqua processes and products, tells Charlotte Thy (Leader Auditor, Bureau Veritas).

Click and learn more about the Carbon footprint of Aller Aqua products.

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