38th Meeting of the Aquaculture board of the German Agricultural Society (DLG)

The annual conference, dedicated to the topic “fish health - protection and sustainable management of fish stocks”, was hosted by Emsland - Aller aqua GmbH.

The 38th Meeting of the Aquaculture board of the German Agricultural Society was held on the 1st - 2nd of March, in Niewitz and Golßen, Germany. The annual conference, dedicated to the topic “Fish health - Protection and sustainable management of fish stocks”, was hosted by Emsland - Aller Aqua GmbH. 

On the first day of the meeting Dr. Florian Nagel, head of Aller Aqua Research in Büsum, and Ole Schmidt, country manager for Denmark, presented their work. Also other speakers from federal institutes had presentations on the day.

Florian Nagel demonstrated the manifold and comprehensive R&D activities, from raw material screening, palatability and digestibility trials to the development of functional and sustainable feeds and their market implementation. All areas which contribute to the successful growth of the Aller Aqua Group. 

Ole Schmidt presented an overview of the development of Danish aquaculture during the last decades. Emphasis was placed on the progress in trout production and the interaction of the Danish Aquaculture Association and fish feed manufactures. These have acted as interfaces during the successful transition from classical production units towards model3/RAS farms. 

Day 2 entailed an excursion to the pond systems named “Petkamsberg”. These ponds are part of the Peitzer production cooperative. This trip was followed by a visits to one of the most modern fish feed factories in Germany – Emsland-Aller Aqua GmbH.

Martin Jahn, CEO of Emsland-Aller Aqua GmbH, explained the development of the factory and the recent production of fish feed, starch and protein, which are globally marketed. The tour was guided by Christian Mann and Jörg Sauerbrei, production managers respectively for fish feed and Starch-/proteinproduction at EAA. 

It was a further a particular pleasure for the organizing committee to welcome Professor Dr. Werner Steffens, an expert, pioneer and legend in the field of fish nutrition and aquaculture, who contributed substantially to the development of modern fish feeds.