Aller Aqua Zambia organized another visit from Dentists Without Limits Federation

On the 9th of November 2021, a German Dentist (Dr. med. dent. Heiner Geigle) and two Dental Assistants (Tanja Glock and Laureen Daut) from Dentists Without Limits Federation (DWLF; a German NGO) visited Aller Aqua Zambia. Furthermore, a Dentition from Chirundu (Namweete Simamba) who was trained, in part, by DWLF members joined the team and helped to perform follow-up checks and minor dental procedures with the DWLF team on the AAZ staff.

This was the third visit of Dentists Without Limits to Aller Aqua Zambia that Research Manager Sub-Sahara Africa / Quality Assurance Director Aller Aqua Zambia, Dr. Alexander Michael Greiling organized. It was planned in collaboration with Hermann Striedl, who is the Regional Project Manager for DWLF based in Siavonga.

This visit was intended as a follow-up to look after the staff members who had undergone procedures last time and to offer immediate assistance to anyone who wanted it. It was so well organized by the dental team, that they had time to spare, after checking the AAZ staff, and were even able to perform check-ups and minor procedures on incoming truck drivers while they waited for their consignments to be cleared.

Thanks to the feedback we received from our staff over the last Dentist Day we improved accordingly and implemented changes. The dentist team brought along a dental chair which improved the comfort of the employees that were being worked on. We focused on prevention by ensuring everyone who went for the check-up was clearly communicated what the dentists observed and how to prevent these specific symptoms and how to properly perform dental hygiene at home.

Other than minor cleaning procedures there were a total of 15 tooth extractions, 5 fillings made, and 18 cases of removal of dental calculus carried out.