Cooperation for growth in focus at Aquaculture Europe

Some busy days at the Aller aqua booths ended, and we can look back at some interesting days with talks on our feeds, feed concepts and about how we can grow together with the aquaculture sector.

We want to thank our customers, researchers, collaboration partners, suppliers and other stakeholders for sharing some interesting talks at our booths on how we can grow together. Growing together is an integrated part of the Aller Aqua company philosophy, and our company vision Let’s grow together. Together we can grow, and we need to grow in a smart, efficient and responsible way. Together we can master greater challenges than we can on an individual basis. Working together will balance and sustain the common value chain, improve operational efficiency and increase profitability.

We also want to thank the organizers of Aquaculture Europe 2017 for a very interesting event themed Cooperation for growth, stressing the importance of cooperation to secure growth in the aquaculture sector.

Let’s grow together!