InnoAquaTech visits Aller Aqua

Thursday Aller aqua were visited by 15 members of the InnoAquaTech Group, as part of their study trip. The group was greated by Ceo and owner, Hans Erik Bylling, as well as R&D director for Aller aqua group, Dr Hanno Slawski.

InnoAquaTech promotes the international cooperation between actors in the aquaculture industry and the aquaculture value chain. They wish to accelerate development of aquaculture related technology in the South Baltic.

Aller Aqua told the groups about our initiatives and projects, our focus areas and how we work. The discussion that followed were concentrated on optimisation of fish feed, circular economy and the four projects that InnoAquaTech initiated. Challenges and development in aquaculture were considered, as well as the possibility for future collaboration.