Italian trout farmers visited Aller Aqua Research

On the 15th may 2018, nearly one year after the visit of Italian sea bass and sea bream farmers, 15 Italian trout farmers visited Aller aqua’s research facility in Büsum. The tour was organized by Aller aqua’s Italian country manager Dr Stefano de Dominis.

After a short welcome Dr. Florian Nagel presented Aller Aqua’s feeding concepts: TAF and Aller Aqua Support. Dr Nagel highlighted the immune stimulating properties of feed additives as well as their effectiveness against pathogenic bacteria. Preventive application of functional feeds can improve the robustness of fish against stressful events and thus support economical operations of farms. He also explained about the company’s Power 2 concept of formulating feeds for nutrient digestibility and stable performance.

Farmers benefits were demonstrated on-site during the guided tour.