SUPPORT D - Prevention before Treatment

The new formula for salmon farming

Winter sores and jaw infections are among the top threats to the health of salmon in fish farms. But now the Support D, functional fish feed from Aller Aqua helps improve the fish’s natural skin health and thereby preventing the plague.

Support D is a result of intense studies – both in confined environments and in real-life farms in Norway – and expectations to this new product grows continually as test results arrive at Aller Aqua HQ.  

Reducing sores from 12% to 2% in less than a year 

The two sore ailments have long plagued the Norwegian salmon farming sector, causing declining health in the fish and substantial economic losses for the farmers. As many as 12% percent of the salmon in Norwegian fish farms typically suffer from either of these ailments.  

However, tests and trials conducted with a series of farms during winter, where the problems traditionally peak, has shown that only 2-3% of the stock shows symptoms by springtime when using the new SUPPORT™ D feed. 

“Needless to say, we are very pleased to see the convincing results of this new product and see it protect the salmon against some of the major causes for lost revenue in the industry as well as supporting fish welfare in general,” says Dr. Robert Tillner who is Product Manager at Aller Aqua.  

Boosting the fish’s own skin protection 

In its essence, SUPPORT™ D helps the salmon protect itself. The compound formula supports overall skin health by boosting the fish’s own mucus layers, thus preventing parasites and microbes from festering and causing problems.