The Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries 2016 recap

Aller aqua participated in the event with Anders C. Bylling, managing director of Aller aqua Qingdao, Emma CAO, managing director assistant and dr. Florian Nagel, research manager at Aller aqua research

Aller Aqua participated in the event with three representatives – From left to right: Anders C. Bylling, Managing Director of Aller Aqua Qingdao, Emma Cao, Managing Director Assistant and Dr. Florian Nagel, Research Manager at Aller Aqua Research.

Later in the WCAF programme, Dr Nagel held a presentation on Aller Aqua’s VITAMAX feeds, as a method for increasing the immune system in fish and thus relieving pressure to medicate. This took place is a special session on new developments within feeds and feed ingredients. The presentation was well received by the many international experts present.

“It was very positive to experience the fast paced development within Chinese and international aquaculture, as presented in this forum.. The many presentations were both professional and relevant.” Explained Anders C. Bylling.

The WCAF has become a popular recurring event, and this year saw 400 participants from 46 different countries. Aller Aqua’s participation was highly relevant considering the current construction of our factory in China and establishment of our new subsidiary – Aller Aqua Qingdao. Our 3 participants were happy with the outcome and have extended their networks to customers, suppliers and local specialists within the aquaculture industry significantly.