Raw materials

The F3 (Future of Fish Feed) meeting, San Francisco

Anders C. Bylling, managing director of Aller aqua Qingdao, recently participated in the F3 meeting, which took place in San Francisco between the 19th and 22nd February 2019

The F3 meeting is dedicated to protecting forage fish by reducing aquaculture’s dependency on fish meal and fish oil. The conference brought together researchers, frontier developers of raw material and the world’s leading fish feed companies to discuss how to create the aquaculture of the future - and naturally Aller Aqua was there.

The agenda consisted of presentations of the newest developments, brainstorms, panel discussions and speakers, in a very intense few days. Anders presented Aller Aqua’s dedication to furthering the industry and the criteria we set to create the optimal feed for our large variety of customers. Explaining that we all share a role in creating a food solution for the future and that developing and adapting new raw materials is an integral part in this. At the conference, an upswing in the acceptance of alternative feed ingredients for aquafeed was announced. 

“I found the programe both interesting and relevant, and I enjoyed making many new connections. It has been four intensive days, and I leave the meeting with a lot of inspiration and thoughts on sustainable aquaculture.” Explained Anders.