Visiting Nigeria, September 2015

With its 182 million population and a political focus on growing national aquaculture, Nigeria is an interesting market for fish feed producers. 80% of the fish farmed in Nigeria are catfish, whilst tilapia is a species which is quickly gaining in popularity.

Aller Aqua Nigeria is, in spite of its recent opening date, experiencing great interest. A recent visit to the African country to meet with employees, key agents and customers alike proved very interesting.

The visit lasted 14 days and most of the time was spent in meetings. One of the key tasks was to meet all 12 staffs in Aller Aqua Nigeria – a both capable and professional group. Official meetings with local business partners and various distributors and key agents were also arranged to ensure the best progress for Aller Aqua Nigeria through the official channels. Our representative, Niels Lundgaard, International Relationship Manager, further met with CAFAN (the Catfish Association of Nigeria) and Lagos State, both of which are big influencers in the Nigerian market, and both excited to have Aller Aqua’s feed in the country. Niels further met some of our distributors and also visited the large warehouse were the feeds are stored.

The facilities on Nigerian fish farms vary greatly, and it was fascinating meeting many different people interested in Aller Aqua’s fish feed and how it can help boost the price and performance of the fish.

Aller Aqua Nigeria is doing a great job of spreading awareness of extruded feeds and their benefits, and Aller Aqua is continuously sending shipments of feed and thus ensuring availability.

Establishing local subsidiaries in key locations all over the world allows Aller Aqua to be a global company, whilst maintaining local focus and continuously being close to our customers.

Let’s grow together!