Aller Aqua enters partnership agreement with HANSENBERG

Vocational school Hansenberg offers training in agriculture with a focus on aquaculture. Aller aqua supports this education through a partnership with the school.

Danish vocational school HANSENBERG offers an education which combines the training in agriculture with a focus on aquaculture. In this connection, HANSENBERG wants to closely collaborate with organizations and companies from the aquaculture industry to further develop the students skills at the highest possible level, and therefore, HANSENBERG and Aller Aqua have entered a partnership agreement.  

Lars Rahbæk, Group Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Aller Aqua adds that it is a natural step for Aller Aqua to enter this partnership with HANSENBERG, as Aller Aqua thus acts as ambassador, both for the school, the education and not least the students. “We want to contribute to a successful training of the students; we want to make the most recent knowledge available to the school; and we want to attract young people to the education. Thereby, we can do our part to ensure long term access to competent young people, who shall contribute to good development and growth in the Danish aquaculture industry”, Lars states. 

As part of the agreement with HANSENBERG, Aller Aqua will open the doors to the factory in Christiansfeld and to the research station in Büsum, North Germany, to the school and its aquaculture students. Moreover, Aller Aqua will contribute with external training, marketing support, industry relevant articles and links to different websites. 

“We are looking forward to a strong, constructive and long term collaboration, and we are pleased to contribute to the students’ aquaculture learning and education”, Lars concludes. 

Let’s grow together!