Aller Aqua Group starts construction of the new factory in Zambia

In Aller aqua Zambia the factory is now under construction. The first board meeting has been held – and staff members have started onboarding.

Adam Taylor, Henrik T. Halken, Johnny Hansen and Carsten Jørgensen met in IFU’s headquarters in Copenhagen for the company’s first board meeting. The meeting was initiated to ensure the best possible start for Aller Aqua Zambia Limited. The current outlook is very positive. The first big client is secured and the first employees, including the managing director, have been recruited. Now the building of the factory needs to keep its pace and the company should be ready for production of high quality extruded fish feed for aquaculture by September 2017.

Photo from the first board meeting of Aller Aqua Zambia Limited. The meeting took place at IFU’s (Investment Fund for Developing Countries) headquarters. From left to right: Adam Taylor (CEO of Oakfield Holdings Limited), Henrik T. Halken (Group Vice President, Aller Aqua Group), Johnny Hansen (IFU Regional director, Africa) and Carsten Jørgensen (Group Vice President, Aller Aqua Group). © Aller Aqua Group A/S

Whilst the new factory is under construction in Siavonga, Aller Aqua Zambia has made the first sales agreement with one of the largest Tilapia producers in the World – Yalelo Limited. Yalelo has plans to grow the production of Tilapia to 30.000 tonnes in Zambia within the next few years. This rapid expansion will help secure Aller Aqua Zambia Limited’s success in the African country. The new factory will have a production capacity of 50.000 tonnes of fish feed per year and will be the most technically advanced fish feed factory in Southern Africa.

Henrik T. Halken and Carsten Jørgensen have both been a part of Aller Aqua Group for many years and are appointed to lead the Zambian company from the Danish side. Henrik Halken is in charge of Aller Aqua’s factories on the African continent, whereas Carsten Jørgensen is Chief Financial Officer and handles the finances.

Aller Aqua Zambia Limited is owned by Aller Aqua Group A/S and Oakfield Holdings Limited, represented by Adam Taylor who will be chairman of the company. Henrik Halken will take the position as vice chairman and other board members are Carsten Jørgensen and Bryan McCoy.

Aller Aqua Group has a clear and expansive strategy for Africa.
“Aller Aqua Group is in rapid expansion. Since the company began producing fish feed for aquaculture more than 50 years ago it has achieved constant growth. In addition to the factory in Denmark, the company has built factories in Poland in 2001, Germany in 2007 and Egypt in 2015. Currently, the company is building in both Zambia and China as well as extending the capacity in Egypt with a third production line. This will increase the capacity in Egypt substantially. Both of the new factories as well as the third production line in Egypt are expected to be inaugurated in 2017.

In Zambia we are investing a total of 10 million USD, as well as a significant amount in Egypt” Henrik Halken informs.

“With the investment in Zambia, we will be the market leader in Africa in terms of modern and environmentally friendly fish feeds for aquaculture. This will enable us to expand our sales not only in Zambia but also the surrounding countries. During recent years Aller Aqua Group has started sales companies in both Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

The African market will, without a doubt, grow significantly in the coming years. The number of inhabitants is rising quickly and the population will need healthy food which is high in protein. Fish farming and locally produced fish is part of the solution for this, and fish farming can further help people get a livelihood and get out of poverty. In Zambia approx. 95% of the raw materials we will use comes from the local market, which is a great advantage.

The build of the factory is Zambia is ongoing and on schedule. Obviously, there are many challenges when building in Zambia compared to Denmark. But we have a fantastic team and management whom will ensure that we succeed and overcome these challenges.” Finishes Henrik T. Halken.

Aller Aqua are happy to provide further pictures and information. We can also help set up interviews with Adam, Henrik or Carsten.