Aller Aqua opens subsidiary in Nigeria

“It has not been easy getting this far, but Nigeria has so much potential – both in terms of educating existing farmers with regard to maximizing the yield of their production, but also in terms of expanding the aquaculture production in the country” explains Hans Erik Bylling, CEO of Aller Aqua Group. Niels Lundgaard, International Relationship Manager at Aller Aqua agrees and continues: “Nigeria is undergoing massive development at the moment, and implementing more aquaculture is a good and relatively cheap way of starting a business. We can help both established fish farmers and newly started ones by providing extruded fish feed of a high quality, which can give the fish farms a boost in terms of production and economy. Further, we can help and guide them with the challenges they may face in their production to the benefit of everyone involved.”

Local partners, supported by Aller Aqua Nigeria, are ready to take good care of the customers. It is Aller Aqua’s philosophy that the customers must prosper in order for the company to do so, and thus, the Danish company have made every arrangement for the best possible start in Nigeria. Aller Aqua has moved fast, and offices and storage is ready, as well as 12 employees.

Aller Aqua Nigeria will be participating in two upcoming events; “DELTA 2015” arranged by FISON (Fisheries Society of Nigeria) and CAFAN’s (Catfish Association of Nigeria) bi-annual fish festival – both in November. “This will be a great chance to meet our customers first hand” explains Lasisi Nurudeen, Country Manager Nigeria. “In order to be taken seriously we need to be seen in the right places, and participate actively where the fish farmers are. The events will draw large crowds of both existing and potential fish farmers. We can help them set up and better their production. I have visited the Danish and German factories and seen the production, the quality control, the research station, Aller Aqua Research, and it is a great set up. The extruded feeds are very effective compared to what we are used to in Nigeria, and will better the productions here. It is a highly interesting product for the Nigerian market, and I am excited to be part of this project from the very beginning.” Lasisi has a background in animal nutrition, and has studied Animal Production and Fisheries at the Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos.
        Besides participation in local events and customer and partner visits, Aller Aqua Nigeria are planning on hosting seminars to further educate local fish farmers on the benefits of extruded fish feed and other subjects of interest. The company is also ready to collaborate with educational institutions in terms of exchanging technical knowledge and research.

Despite the fact that Aller Aqua Nigeria has only recently become a reality, the first feed have already arrived in the African country, and more is underway, underlining the great potential here. With stocks selling out quickly, it seems that one of the biggest challenges will be to ensure availability of the feeds at all times.

The establishment of Aller Aqua Nigeria adds another country to the list of Aller Aqua subsidiaries.

Aller Aqua now exports fish feed to nearly 70 countries and the company supply feed for more than 30 species of fish and crustaceans.