Raw materials

Ocean Lucet - an enhanced sea bream diet

To increase both coloration and nutritional content in sea bream, Aller Aqua launches ocean Lucet

Farmed sea bream often lacks the deep and appealing colors of wild sea bream, but Ocean Lucet can help bring them out. Paired with added omega-3 fatty acids, the deeper coloration increases the fish’ overall consumer appeal and nutritional value, in turn making them more appealing to consumers.   

Wild sea bream feed on a large variety of things which creates the deeper colouration. However, whilst the farmed diet is optimised for health and growth, the lesser variety makes for a lighter coloured fish. Naturally derived raw materials in the farmed sea bream diet can however change this, enhancing the colouration and adding nutritional value. 

Lucet is the Latin word for “shining” and Aller Aqua’s latest addition to its product portfolio has therefore been appropriately named: Ocean Lucet.  

Ocean Lucet is a finisher feed and is recommended for use at least 10 weeks before harvest for maximum effect. The feed has been enhanced with naturally derived raw materials, getting the fish ready for harvest in optimum condition. 

Meeting market demands and developing feeds that solve a concrete issue for fish farmers are two of Aller Aqua’s core competences.