Broodstock feeds

Feeding broodstock fish the right feed has numerous advantages

Explore the benefits of our broodstock feeds

Aller Aqua’s broodstock diets are formulated with the finest raw materials and based on the respective reproductive biology of several fish species

Improves fecundity

Ensures healthy embryonic growth

Improves fertilization

Improves larval quality

High quality fish fry forms the foundation of every viable fish business.

The future performance potential and health of farmed fish are highly dependent on the quality of the offspring.

This in turn is closely linked to the accumulation and delivery of precious nutrients from the female. It is therefore essential for broodstock feeds to ensure that all essential nutrient requirements are met.

In the case of caviar for human consumption the quality of eggs and their traits are the direct parameters for success.

Formulating broodstock feeds

Aller Aqua’s broodstock diets are formulated based on the respective reproductive biology of several fish species, the latest research on the nutritional requirements of broodstock and offspring and a careful selection of the finest raw materials. Several nutrients have been identified to be beneficial for performance of broodstock:

Beneficial for performance of broodstock

AMINO ACIDS Protein is the main energy source during embryonic development and specific essential amino acids ensure healthy growth of the embryos. CAROTENOIDS Due to their strong antioxidant properties carotenoids play an important role in the protection of cell membranes against free radicals. FATTY ACIDS Highly unsaturated fatty acids facilitate fertilization, are an important energy source for embryos and have important structural and physiological functions in growing fish in their further development. VITAMINS Several vitamins are essential for fish and require special attention in broodstock feeds since they play important roles in egg development, sperm motility and cell protection.

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