Organic feeds

Feed for organic farming

At Aller Aqua we deliver feed for organic farming of several species. EU regulation states that all organic fish must be fed with feed approved for organic farming from hatch to harvest.

Therefore, our feeds for organic aquaculture cover the fish life cycle from hatch to harvest. When formulating feed for organic aquaculture we focus on raw materials of high quality and adjust the recipes for optimum performance on the farm.

We have organic feeds for Atlantic Salmon Freshwater, Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Meagre, Sea bass, and Sea bream.

Organic raw materials and certification

Aller Aqua is a world-leading producer of fish feed for organic aquaculture. All our feeds for organic fish are produced in our Danish factory, using only high-quality raw materials approved for organic production. We are certified and inspected to comply with EU regulations for fish feed production for organic aquaculture by the Danish authorities. Certification and quality are important aspects of our feed production and are integrated into all steps of the fish feed manufacture at Aller Aqua. This covers the value chain, right from test and approval of raw materials and throughout the fish feed production process. More information is available on the European Commision’s website:

EU organic production and farming

An organic aquaculture producer must comply with organic standards on stocking density, water quality, handling to avoid stress, the composition of fish feed and several other factors. Fish feed producers therefore need to follow organic standards. At Aller Aqua we are certified to produce feed for organic aquaculture. We select the best raw materials from approved organic suppliers and use them in our recipes to achieve the best results for our customers. The EU organic regulation guarantees a sustainable product approved for organic fish production with minimum environmental impact and respect for biodiversity in the organic aquaculture value chain. Raw materials are sourced regionally when possible, and must, like all our raw materials, pass our strict quality standards before being included in the recipes.

The red Ø-symbol

Aller Aqua Denmark produces fish feed that is certified by the red Ø-symbol/Danish organic label. The red Ø-symbol indicates that the Danish authorities control that Aller Aqua Denmark complies with Danish and European legislation for feeds for organic production.

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