Shrimp feeds

Increased feed attractability and high feed performance


Developed by Aller Aqua and VDS: designed to provide increased feed attractability and high feed performance


None of the other factors will matter if the shrimp feed is not formulated to meet the needs of the shrimp in terms of nutrition and energy. A well-balanced feed with high-quality raw materials is the foundation for a solid shrimp diet, which will in turn support growth, health, and immunity.


Paired with a strong immune system, shrimp need good health, and therefore a well-balanced and optimally designed feed to maintain it. To keep the aquatic environment as clean as possible and thereby supporting health, it is important that feed waste is reduced to a minimum. You achieve this by choosing a feed which is specialised for your shrimp and farming conditions.

Fast growth

Health and immunity are the foundations of fast growth, provided that the shrimp eat the feed. To ensure this, attractability and palatability are important parameters. We have tested our shrimp feeds on-farm under real-life conditions, and experienced increased appetite and growth based on taste and optimal feeding management.


Shrimp have a unique immune system, which needs to be supported through the feeds. We have added essential vitamins and minerals to help get the shrimp through challenging periods.

Feed for shrimp needs to fulfill nutritional and technological criteria to be effective. Paired with an understanding of the aquatic environment, water management, feed handling, and feeding management, choosing the right feed for your shrimp greatly impacts your results.

In partnership with VDS, a premix specialist, Aller Aqua has developed a range of shrimp feeds that are specifically designed for use in RAS systems and tailored to each specific growth stage of shrimp. These systems are becoming increasingly popular as they allow to production of high-quality, fresh shrimp products with short distances to the market.

The new feed products developed by Aller Aqua and VDS are designed to provide increased feed attractability and high feed performance, addressing key concerns of shrimp producers.

At Aller Aqua we use the highest quality raw materials in our aquafeed formulations. This ensures that our feeds not only supply the nutrition required for healthy growth and development but are also safe and environmentally sustainable, fostering responsible aquaculture practices. 

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