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Autumn Edition

The Autumn Edition promotes feed intake and modifies fish body cells for optimum functionality during the wintering period.

Environmental temperature affects both speed and efficiency of fish metabolism. Thus, feed intake of fish and nutrient digestibility vary with temperature. Adapting feeds to seasonal temperature differences on a fish farm creates a great potential for growth and vitality of fish and has become a core principle in our feed formulation, at no extra cost.

Autumn Edition is part of Aller Aqua’s Temperature Adapted Feeds™ concept which helps ensure a higher feed intake and nutrient digestibility throughout all seasons. 

Dropping water temperatures during autumn slow down fish metabolism and decrease feed intake, challenging the preconditioning of fish for winter.

The Autumn Edition is optimized with high levels of phospholipids which increase cell membrane permeability to prepare the organism for cold water temperatures. Thus, fish benefit from improved cell functioning and efficient utilization of fat storages for stable energy supply.

Phospholipids (highly unsaturated fatty acids) increase cell membrane permeability so the membrane will not solidify under cold temperatures, like if saturated fatty acids were used.

- efficient preconditioning of fish for wintering period
- improved cell functioning through addition of phospholipids
- efficient utilization of fat storages for stable energy supply
Aller Aqua Autumn Edition
Autumn Edition is available for carp.

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Aller Aqua Autumn Edition