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Autumn Edition

With dropping water temperatures the fish metabolism slows down and the fish reduce their feed intake. Warm water fish species stop feed ingestion and enter a feed-less wintering period. Hereby, fish benefit from optimum preconditioning during autumn.

The Autumn Edition promotes feed intake and modifies fish body cells for optimum functionality during the wintering period.

The cell membranes fluidity is biologically important, influencing membrane transport of water, gases and also proteins. Fluidity depends on the type of fatty acids found in the membranes lipid bilayer and environmental temperature.

Phospholipids a (highly unsaturated fatty acids) increase cell membrane fluidity so the membrane will not solidify under cold temperatures, like if saturated fatty acids b were used.

• effective preconditioning of fish for wintering period
• improved cell functioning through addition of phospholipids
• efficient utilization of fat storages for stable energy supply

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