Functional feeds

Aller aqua’s functional feeds focus on fish reproduction, fish health and stress prevention

Our range of functional feed solutions includes Temperature Adapted Feeds™ (TAF), Support™, and Ocean Vitamax

Aller Aqua focuses on the development of functional feeds that support beneficial physiological effects that go beyond traditional feed formulations. Read about our feed concepts below:

Temperature Adapted Feeds™ - TAF

Aller Aqua's Temperature Adapted Feeds™ concept ensures a higher feed intake and nutrient digestibility throughout all seasons. Temperature Adapted Feeds™ for different species and seasons are developed in collaboration with international research institutes, fish farms and Aller Aqua Research.


The Aller Aqua Support™ concept is a series of aquafeeds based on a blend of functional ingredients that promote growth and survival in fish as well as disease resistance and prevention. Support L and Support D are part of the Support™ concept.


Ocean Vitamax

To help combat the negative effects that stress can have on the fish, we have developed Ocean Vitamax: a feed with active ingredients to enhance the natural immune system and prepare the fish to cope with stressful situations. Ocean Vitamax is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, nucleotides, and glucans.

It is well known that different fish species have different nutritional requirements. To promote fish growth and fish health, Aller Aqua focuses on the development of functional feeds that support beneficial physiological effects that go beyond traditional feed formulations.

At the same time, our functional feeds need to be economically attractive and environmentally friendly. That is why Aller Aqua carefully selects specific raw materials for functional feeds.

Aller Aqua carefully selects specific raw materials for functional feeds. Functional feeds from Aller Aqua target the mitigation of negative effects of parasites, bacterial diseases and stressful events on fish, and thereby ultimately the performance on the fish farm.


Farmed fish can be challenged by suboptimal conditions and stressful events such as elevated temperatures, handling, vaccination and disease pressure. As a consequence, the fish are weakened and the effect is slowed growth and heightened mortality rates.


Functional ingredients prepare and activate the immune system of the fish to cope with challenges. This further increases the resistance towards pathogens and parasites. The cells of the innate and adaptive immune system are stimulated, the functioning of body cells is improved, and the gut microbiota is balanced towards beneficial bacteria.

Healthy fish

Functional feeds empower the fish to withstand stressful events and pathogenic pressure. This becomes evident through increased growth and survival rates, as well as improved feed conversion both short- and long-term.


Strong and protected fish spend less energy coping with challenging situations and more energy building biomass. Improved growth and survival rates translate into a higher output for the fish farmer, with more and larger fish using less feed and less time.

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