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Spring Edition

In the transition from winter to spring there is a quick change in the water temperature which affects the fish metabolism and challenges its immune defence.

Environmental temperature affects both speed and efficiency of fish metabolism. Thus, feed intake of fish and nutrient digestibility vary with temperature. Adapting feeds to seasonal temperature differences on a fish farm creates a great potential for growth and vitality of fish and has become a core principle in our feed formulation, at no extra cost.

Spring Edition is part of Aller Aqua’s Temperature Adapted Feeds™ concept which helps ensure a higher feed intake and nutrient digestibility throughout all seasons.

When the seasons change from winter to spring a quick change in water temperature occurs on many fish farms. The drastic temperature increase affects metabolism of fish and challenges its immune system.

Fish show a reduced capacity to resorb oxygen from the warmer water. Often, the adjustment difficulties of fish to a changing environment become noticeable as poor appetite, lassitude and skin lesions.

The Spring Edition contains high levels of Vitamin C.
Vitamin C supports the formation of red bloods cells, improves oxygen uptake, supports skin repair and wound healing. It is also a strong antioxidant and improves stress resistance.
Aller Aqua Spring Edition
Spring Edition is available for carp, sea bass, sea bream and trout.

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