Organic fish feed from Aller Aqua

At Aller Aqua we deliver feed for organic aquaculture for several species of fish throughout their entire production cycle. EU regulation states that all fish in organic fish farms must be fed feed for organic aquaculture. This includes all life stages of the fish - from hatch to harvest.  

Approved organic raw materials

Aller Aqua is a world leading producer of fish feed for organic aquaculture production. All our feeds for organic aquaculture are produced in our Danish factory, using only high quality approved organic raw materials. 

We are certified and inspected to comply with EU regulations for organic fish feed production by the Danish authorities. 

To be EU Organic certified, an aquaculture producer must comply with tight restrictions on stocking density, water quality, handling to avoid stress and several other factors.

More information is available on the European Commision’s website: 

European commision website


EU Organic label

Also the feed producer must be certified organic. At Aller Aqua we are certified in accordance with the EU Organic label due to the high standards for both animal welfare and feeding. We source the best raw materials from approved organic producers and the EU Organic label is the consumers’ guarantee for a sustainable and organic product, which has a minimum output to the environment and maximum respect for the biodiversity in the organic aquaculture value chain.

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