Aller Aqua sponsors webinar series arranged by WAS African chapter: Aquafeeds for Africa, by Aller Aqua

A series of six webinars focusing on african aquaculture will be held by the was african chapter in cooperation with Aller aqua, as sponsors and active participants.

Even before their founding gold sponsorship of the African Chapter of WAS, Aller Aqua has shown its dedication to developing the African aquaculture sector. Via factories in Egypt and Zambia, the company has brought high-quality aquafeeds closer to the African fish farmers.  Additionally, the company has local sales representatives in in Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroun, Congo, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda, which shows the company’s commitment to the continent.

For many years, Aller Aqua has provided high-quality fish feed, technical support and farmer training across Africa, locally as well as across country borders. This has enabled the company to grow with customers on the continent and has developed close knit relationships between the company and farmers. This dedication was formalised when Aller Aqua became gold sponsors of the WAS African chapter and has now led to the company sponsoring a series of 6 webinars dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping farmers across Africa optimise production.

Ole Haubro, Sales Director Africa for Aller Aqua, explains why he is excited about Aller Aqua’s sponsorship of the webinars: “One of the ways in which Aller Aqua makes a real difference in the aquaculture sector in Africa is through long term thinking. We believe in the African aquaculture sector and want to see it grow and develop for many years – and we want to help drive that and be part of it. That is why we conduct farmer trainings and share global knowledge which benefit farmers locally – we have a lot of experience and research to draw upon. Webinars are a great way of reaching a big audience all over Africa, and I hope that many will participate and gain new input and inspiration.”

The webinars series is named Aquafeed for Africa, by Aller Aqua. Webinar topics are technical and practical and focus on different countries and topics.

The webinars are considered a precursor to AFRAQ20, which is being held in Alexandria, Egypt on the 11th-14th December 2021. The focus for AFRAQ is “Sustainable Aquaculture – Feeding Africa”.

“This is a great area of focus for the conference” explains Hussien Mansour, CEO of Aller Aqua Egypt, “It is exactly what we want to achieve! The more efficiently African farmers can grow their fish, the more sustainable the aquaculture value chain, and the more food for Africa.”