Aller Top – a competitive performance feed for carp

To optimise production and reduce farming costs, we have developed Aller Top. The feed is suited for carp-farming when costs should be kept low, and for feeding during colder months where the carp naturally eat less. Aller Top has been developed and tested together with carp farmers, offering them an option to improve economic output whilst maintaining performance.
Aller Top contains 25% protein and 7% fat and ranges from 3 mm to 8 mm in pellet size. 

Feeding trials with Aller Top at Aller Aqua Research have shown excellent growth and feed conversion ratios and good water stability. These competitive results have been confirmed in a trial at an independent Polish Research institute.

Aller Top has also become popular with anglers, based on its low oil content, which means that the pellet easily sucks up flavours to create a tailor-made pellet for carp fishing.

Carp in traditional ponds can be farmed on either supplementary feed like grains, or on extruded commercial feed to achieve higher production yield. The optimal feeding strategy and choice of extruded feed depend on the production goals of the farm, the seasonal changes and the natural productivity of the pond.

Get in touch with your local sales representative to hear more about Aller Top and the fit with your farm and farming goals.