Yellowtail kingfish – optimal growth with Aller AP EX

Production of yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) is on the rise. The meat of the fish is a favourite in sushi restaurants and therefore an increasing number of RAS produce yellowtail kingfish close to local markets.

Yellowtail kingfish can grow enormously fast. Therefore feed used needs to allow this rapid growing species to exploit its growth potential. Feeding trials conducted in Aller Aqua Research confirmed that Aller AP EX delivers the best fish growth rates.

The nutrient composition of Aller AP EX is fitting to marine fish with long growth cycles and high growth potential. Marine fish are new in aquaculture and in comparison with for example rainbow trout or tilapia, their growth cycles are not yet fully optimized. Short tests which allow result interpretation in rainbow trout or tilapia are uncomprehensive in species like yellowtail kingfish.

The raw material composition of the feed must live up to the nutrient demand of the fish and the digestive system of a carnivorous species with short domestication history. The nutrient composition of the feed requires particular attention in amino acid composition, phospholipid content and raw material nutrient digestibility. The taste of the feed also plays a key role for high feed intake and acceptance.

Yellowtail kingfish require high water quality in their RAS environment. The feed should therefore contribute to an efficient water filtration and eventually deliver a natural flesh quality with perfect taste of the final product. Also this is greatly influenced by composition of the raw materials.

Aller AP EX combines these characteristics and is a great match for the nutritional demands of yellowtail kingfish, one of the fastest growing and most valuable fish in aquaculture.