Aller Aqua Cycling

A dedicated cycling team who contributes to Bylling Foundation themselves

Aller Aqua has chosen to support Aller Aqua Cycling. Aller Aqua Cycling is a dedicated cycling team who contributes to Bylling Foundation themselves, for every race kilometer they cycle. They ask sponsors to do the same or to contribute with individual amounts.

The idea for Aller Aqua Cycling came about based on a love for cycling, and a wish to make a difference. One of the AAC team members encountered Bylling Foundation through work and was amazed by the dedication and determination of the foundation to make a difference. 

The effects of donating to Bylling Foundation are very tangible – you can clearly see the difference the donations make for the children. 

There are many great causes, and many big organisations which get a lot of support. Bylling Foundation is not receiving a lot of attention despite their hard work and dedication, and Aller Aqua Cycling wants to change that. The team believes, like Bylling Foundation, that all children deserve a chance in life and that a home and an education is a good start for building a strong foundation for the rest of the children’s lives.

Aller Aqua Cycling raise money for Bylling Foundation via own donations per race kilometre, via corporate sponsors and private donations. 

All donations go directly to Bylling Foundation. Please get in touch via messenger to become a sponsor. You can always contribute to the good cause through MobilePay: 69406.